La Casa del Habano is a place and a way of creating the most exquisite tastes of all cigar lovers. The visitor is surrounded by the excellent service that he deserves. Here one can find not only cigars, but also internationally recognized brand name accesories and important publications in the tobacco world.

La Casa del Habano

Public Relationships

As part of the personalized treatment that is provided by La Casa Del Habano to those all visitors who visit on a regular basis, a TASTING TEST is included, where a panel of experts offer their opinions on the virtues of the various guage cigars selected. The visitor enjoys this pleasurable moment along with a space for adequate exchange with experts that will help them immerse themselves into the tobacco world by enriching their knowledge.

La Casa del Habano, along with Habanos S.A., maintains in continuos contact by way of the Exclusive Distributor for the area in which it is located. In this way, JOINT ACTIVITIES are organized and patronized that include promotions, the launching of new products and other items related to the tobacco world, as well as socio-cultural events.

Additionally, La Casa del Habano offers a space of celebration with various forms of SOCIAL ACTIVITIES, in order to serve as a point of reference and as a meeting place for personalities and business men from the tobacco world.

La Casa del Habano organizes events such as the Habano Festival, along with the auspice of Habanos S.A., insisting especially on the attendance of all those interested.

Similarly, La Casa del Habano also organizes DEMONSTRATIONS BY TWISTERS. On this occassion the most prestigious and experienced twisters in the art of preparing cigars are selected in order to satisfy all the expectations of those visiting our Franchises.

La Casa Del Habano also includes in it’s services the latest specialized bibliographic information especially for those interested in knowing more about the world of smoking. La Casa del Habano opens it’s doors to all who wish to learn more about the technical conditions, history, social and cultural environment of cigars. Learning in depth about cigars will make your enjoyment more pleasurable.La Tienda

The Store

tienda2_lacasaInside The Casa del Habano the shop is the space for immediate communication with the consumer and a very important area for the occassional client.

Here you are able to obtain cigars by the unit or in a chest. This is the ideal space where the cigars, typically refered to by other companies as minis, are sold.

In addition to the wide range of cigars the consumer will also find accessories, specialized literature and other products directly related to the art of smoking.

The Walk Humidor

The most important space inside La Casa del Habano.

This is an area to be used by preferred and regular clients as well as those that potentially may become one.

In the Walk in Humidor the entire selection of cigars on the market are exhibited using the most rigorous implementations of humidity and temperature to gaurantee the highest quality cigar in it’s most optimal conditions of conservation.

Noramally in this space the client chooses cigars by units of 10, 25, 50 or other quantities using these same units of measure.

The client enters the Walk in Humidor accompanied by a vendor that will serve to inform, guide or advise the visitor, not only of the type of cigar by name or format most convenient to the client, but also the latest products and novelties introduced within each brand.

The Locked Humidor

This is the ¨vault¨ of La Casa del Habano, a space especially reserved for the regular client that wishes to store, in a locked security box, his purchased cigars, and where he is gauranteed the appropriate conditions and personnel responsible for the care of each cigar.

This is a service of the highest quality offered to those clients of La Casa del Habano.

The Tasting Room

This pleasurable area is offered to the client as a meeting place for casual conversation among friends or as an area for business negotiations.

Here the client can indulge in his cigar free from feeling pressured and in a private and comfortable environment.